STDZ series automatic escalator products is used to manufacture a wide variety of LHEC high precision process of a high security products, the products by virtue of its superior stability and comfort and efficiency become the symbol of the modern city public transportation indispensable


Energy saving design of variable frequency drive

Adopting advanced VVVF inverter control system and other energy-saving equipment, reducing the operation energy consumption, improve transport efficiency, to achieve energy saving effect greatly, establish environmental protection model.


The design of minimalist Aesthetics

Appearance design combined with modern aesthetic concepts, dynamic streamline shape gives the city a living rhythm, shopping malls, supermarkets, overpasses and other public buildings in the city more beautiful scenery.


21 safety protection function

From the warning line, lighting system to the safety protection, 21 safety devices designed for tight, beyond the international standards, to ensure the safety of passenger line.

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