Medical service elevator is STDB series uphold the "people-oriented" design concept, designed for hospital and other special occasions needs and the design of a product, the warm comfort of car repair,


Smooth and comfortable riding experience, integration of the hospital special requirements each selecting function, to maximize meet the needs of patients and hospital.


The control technology of AC VVVF full computer with high precision, the world first-class manufacturing processes, and fully consider the special occasions in the design process, to optimize the structure of car travel, to experience more quiet harmony.

Door machine system adopts the control mode, frequency response, for the first time can accurately control the car door opening and closing speed, makes life conveying continuous layer.

The human comfort degree according to the frequency of real-time speed drive technology, in the smooth running at the same time, to achieve zero accuracy on the leveling layer, make the bed and smoothly without fibrillation, poured into the enterprises attach care for patients with life

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