High efficiency and energy saving

The permanent magnet synchronous drive the international most advanced continuous operation. Eliminating the traditional reducer gear machine complex low gear, inverter adopts imported high reliability, vector frequency conversion technology application me into, permanent magnet synchronous motor does not need no power excitation current, the stator copper loss of small, high power factor, and has the advantages of low speed, fast, hard mechanical characteristic of parking autism etc..

At the same time, no harmonic interference the normal work of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, no pollution to the power grid. Variable frequency speed regulation system can automatically calculate the best velocity curve, and the voltage and frequency according to the speed and load need, for continuous adjustment, energy saving about 60% than traditional driving system.

Quiet environment

STD series permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator traction machine, eliminating the traditional complex gear mechanism, thus completely eliminating the geared elevator mechanical transmission gear noise; gearless traction machine rotor speed, at the same time adopts imported high precision bearings, the noise is reduced to the most low. Because there is no gear transmission, eliminating the lubricating oil gear necessary and the replacement of waste oil pollution of the environment.


Avoid interference

The drive system adopts advanced vector control inverter (VVVF), good speed performance, high efficiency and energy saving, and AC voltage control (ACVV) can be saving about 40%

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